(A Dissertation Submitted to the faculty of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degreeof Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Education.) by James Y. Dunbar, Ph.D. Copyright 1991. All Rights Reserved; author grants permission to print single copies for personal use.

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Chapter II
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Chapter III
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Chapter IV
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Chapter V
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Chapter VI
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Chapter VII
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       The appendices to this dissertation comprise two-hundred and ninety-seven pages, from page 251 to page 547. Appendix A contains tables showing the survey items I used to define the indexes described in Ch. VI and the point values I assigned to specific responses on those items. Appendix B is the text of the 14-page survey instrument used in the study, and a quantitative summary of the responses to each item. Appendix C is a transcription (256 pages) of all the short answer, quotive, or qualitative material returned by respondents. My analysis was selective, but I deposited all the data I received into these appendices. They make fascinating reading and may serve as a rich resource for future researchers. I have chosen not to post them here. Anyone wishing to purchase the complete dissertation may do so from ProQuest Information and Learning by calling 1-800-521-0600 ext.7044. A paperbound copy sells for $43 (July 2003). Ask for order number 9216708. And thank you for your interest! --Dr. Jay Dunbar