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Dee Ogilvy

At age 39, I was diagnosed with a life threatening genetic cardiovascular disease; I had also been battling severe fibromyalgia for over 10 years; the result of two serious accidents. The outlook was very grim, I was sent to pain management and cardio-rehab at Duke University Center for Living, where I met Dr Jim Spira. I thought I would try Taijiquan and meditation as a last resort.

From the beginning, my primary focus was on internal work. After a few years, Dr Spira suggested I learn a Sword Form. I spent many years as a student of Frank Wong learning Sword, Cheng Man Ching Form, and Push Hands. I was interested in returning to a Traditional Yang (103) Form and in 1995 became a student of Kathleen Cusick, Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School. Shifu Kathleen continues to be my primary teacher today. During my years at Magic Tortoise I studied Taiji Fan, Taiji Short Stick, Sword, Taiji Staff, San Shou, Push Hands and Qigong with Dr. Jay Dunbar, Almanzo Lamoureux and Shifu Kathleen. I have successfully completed Magic Tortoise Teacher Training Program.

I have attended workshops and seminars with a number of teachers including: Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo, Wu Wenham, Ma Hailong, Sun Yongtian, Chen Zhenglei; Master Yang Jun, Dr. John Painter, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and Master Henry Look. I have studied Tibetan Martial Arts with Master Ron Lew and full contact kick boxing with Shifu Murad Fourak.

I have judged and competed in Carolina Association of Chinese Martial Arts (CACMA) tournaments, being awarded four silver medals and two bronze. In competition at the 2003 United States Chinese Koushu Federation (USCKF) International tournament in Baltimore, MD, I earned three bronze medals.

I currently teach in S.W. Missouri, including Drury University and MO State University Wellness Programs.

The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School
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