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The Magic Tortoise School is sponsoring the "Dantian Challenge" to perpetuate the memory and teaching of Master Jou, Tsung Hwa. The challenge was originally issued to all taijiquan players by Master Jou to encourage us to focus on dantian development and energy cultivation.

Following the example of Yang Banhou, Master Jou practiced launching a penny in the air from his lower abdomen, and suggested that players strive for a height of at least one foot. He was greatly amused by this, and yet also serious, because the attainment of strong qi in the dantian is a stepping stone to internal power. To those who made even a little progress he would say: "Now you have some money in the bank!"

Please consider making a donation to the Dantian Challenge Fund. All donations will contribute directly to promoting and staging the Dantian Challenge now and in the future. Multiple donations are cumulative. We would like to thank the following donors for their generosity:

Tai Chi Foundation


Frank Chandler
Jerry Diamond
Dragon Gate Taijiquan
Ian Florian
Joseph (Sen-Hsiung) Jou
Dee Ogilvy
Dr. John Painter
Douglas Rankin
Allan Rosen
Bo Strain
Lynn Teale
Jim Zervas
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor


John Arrighi
Linda Borkowski
J.B. Culpepper
Wendalynn deGraffenried
Pam Duvall
Tammy Finch
Connie Hansen
Viva Kerr
Herb Kieklak
Loraine Kohorn
Nina Maier
Kathleen Mottus
Bronwen Nishikawa
Greta Patterson
Carrie Schnitzler
David Shaver
Nina Sugawara


QI BOOSTER: $25-$49
Joe Belding
Meredith Bratcher
David Briggs
Diane Chapin
Susan Christmas
Carole Clouse
Chelsea Czuchra
Debra Kang Dean
Lucy DeGerolamo
Tom Eifler
Denise Flora
Allen Frazelle
Keith Hoover
Bob Kelly
Ned Kelly
Eric Larson
Becky Laskody
Caroline & Paul Lindsay
Henry Look
Lucky Person T'ai Chi
Julia McCutcheon
Chris Luth
“Red” Morton
Laura Murphy
Mike Murphy
Dan Partridge
Miles Rowe
Julie Russo
Ron Shehee
Christene Tashjian



Saphriel Anderson
Landen Bain
Earl Baxter
Brian Beatty
Taubyl Bell
Thomas Bohlman
Silas Brigham
Norm Budnitz
Nell Chandler
Ed Cooper
Paul Cory
Eric Crump
Michael DeMolina
Judith Fazio
Ben Fisher
Chris Friedrich
Therese Gaal
Antoinette Golding
Sean Gibbons
Adam Harris
Laura Haywood-Cory
Enid Hobson
Peter Holst
Joe Houde
Steve Keith
Pat Kelley
Lan Tran
Jin-Heng Li
Kevin Loguidice
Elaine F. Love
Amanda McLain
Robert Martinez
Paul Meade
Samantha Meade
Sharon Miyabara
Colleen Monroe
Kirsten Nielsen
Jay Osborne
Gioia Palmieri
Alice Pohlmann
Bubba Powell
Randy Pratt
Steve Pulling
Ginna Purrington
Jeff Raymer
Sue Regier
Bob Roth
Ann Roy
Charlotte Shoneman
Ron Shehee
John Shoenfelt
Erin Silvertooth
Gabrael St. Clair
Cici Stevens
Ron Thrower
Kristin Turk
Craig Turner
Kerrie Vloedman
Jade Walker
Jim Williams
Joe Williams
Marion Wilson
Anne-Marie Witkege
Albert Yee
Candace Young

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