Private lessons are essential in the study of Taijiquan. In a private lesson, a teacher offers personal attention and encouragement: helping you to set goals and get the most out of practice.

Taking classes is a good way to learn the basic choreography of a form, but individualized instruction is necessary if a student wishes to advance to higher levels. A private session with a perceptive teacher is one of the best ways to accelerate your personal progress. This is particularly true for more experienced students.

As devotion to this art deepens and desire for improvement increases, students are expected to request periodic private lessons. Weekends are usually a good time to schedule an appointment, but we will try to accommodate you at other times if we can.

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Cash is preferred for private lessons, and should be placed in an envelope (customarily a red one) with your name and the date of the lesson on a separate note.

The fee for a one-hour private session with a Teacher** (see below) is $60 at the teacher's home or other convenient location; $75 if the teacher must travel. Groups pay proportionately less per person: at the teacher's home, two pay $35 each (although we sometimes accommodate couples on the same budget with a reduced rate); three pay $25 each. At another location, two pay $40 each; three pay $30 each. For four or more, our special class fee, at home or away, is $100.

Fees for sessions at school, business, corporate, or other institutional locations vary with the standard rates paid by those groups to other professionals with comparable credentials (Ph.D., 30+ years of experience, etc.)

**In the Magic Tortoise School we distinguish between fully-certified Teachers and four grades of Instructor.


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