Proper and discrete handling of money honors the teaching and is each student's responsibility (see "Magic Tortoise Etiquette.") Payment before instruction begins is preferred. Checks are preferred for class payments. Cash is preferred for private lessons, and should be placed in an envelope (customarily a red one) marked with your name and the date.
Course fees are for the option to attend classes during that course, not for a specific number of class hours. Once a class date has passed you have exercised your option to attend that class. If you notify us of your intention to drop a course, we offer credit or a refund only for classes which have not yet occurred at the time of notification. It is often possible to make up a missed class by arrangement with the teacher.
Where we conduct registration, the full fee is due by the second class. Sincere individuals who cannot afford to pay in this manner may make special arrangements (eg., by paying in installments). Barter may be acceptable, but even so, we ask that you pay one fourth of the fee to the school. Two players on the same budget pay full for one and two-thirds for the other where we conduct registration. This does not apply to seminars.
Payments associated with the advancement program are described in the "Advancement Program" section of this site.
HONOR THE ENERGY EXCHANGE: If paying with cash, whether using an envelope or not, please flatten the corners of the bills and turn them to face one way!
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