with Kathleen Cusick & Dr. Jay Dunbar

- Our 61st San Shou Immersion -


Taiji San Shou, the traditional 88-movement sparring routine, permits players with the gentlest of intentions to study fighting dynamics in slow motion—to make a moment last a minute—so as to learn the difference between internal (energy-based) and external (force-based) responses. San Shou teaches listening, yielding, sticking, neutralizing, controlling, and returning energies in the context of conversation rather than competition. Each participant studies one side as a solo set and matched to those learning the other side. Individuals register separately, as we change partners throughout the immersion. San Shou is both enlightening and fun: expect a breakthrough in your understanding of your solo form, but also come just to enjoy the circle of energy between two players.


Pre-requisite: one-year minimum solo form study or permission of the teachers.



2nd floor Boyd Hall, 55 Vilcom Center Drive, Chapel Hill

(traffic light at NE corner of Timberlyne Shopping Center)



$90* Saturday March 8 only (Introduction: moves 1-15)

$170* Saturday Mar 8 & Sunday Mar 9 (first half complete)

$160* Saturday Apr 5 & Sunday Apr 6 (first half review, second half complete)

9 am-12 pm, 1:30-5 pm each day


Pre-registration required: send full fee to:

Dr. Jay Dunbar

15 Timberlyne Rd, Chapel Hill NC 27514.


*$10 off if registered by Feb 28 for either weekend.


"Learning solo forms without learning san shou is like buying shoes

and taking home only the box."

-- Master Jou Tsung Hwa



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