with Kathleen Cusick & Dr. Jay Dunbar

- Our 61st San Shou Immersion -


Taiji San Shou, the traditional 88-movement sparring routine, permits players with the gentlest of intentions to study fighting dynamics in slow motion—to make a moment last a minute—so as to learn the difference between internal (energy-based) and external (force-based) responses. San Shou teaches listening, yielding, sticking, neutralizing, controlling, and returning energies in the context of conversation rather than competition. Each participant studies one side as a solo set and matched to those learning the other side. Individuals register separately, as we change partners throughout the immersion. San Shou is both enlightening and fun: expect a breakthrough in your understanding of your solo form, but also come just to enjoy the circle of energy between two players.


Pre-requisite: one-year minimum solo form study or permission of the teachers.


Dr. Jay and Kathleen have taught over 65 San Shou intensives and seminars since 1990, both in North Carolina and hosted by other schools from Maine to the U.K.


"Learning solo forms without learning san shou is like buying shoes

and taking home only the box."

-- Master Jou Tsung Hwa



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