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Tantrix and the Yi Jing:

A Correlation of Binary Systems in Color


by Jay Dunbar, Ph.D.






Two binary systems: one of the oldest books in the world, dating back in written form some three thousand years, and a popular tabletop and on-line tile-laying game invented in the 1980’s.  As it happens, there is a compelling relationship between the two, and a one-to-one correspondence can be deduced between the tiles of the game and the patterns that form the symbolic matrix of the book.  In this article I chart the connections as I see them using a third binary system: the electromagnetic waves of the visible light spectrum.  I also propose a new method of consulting the ancient classic.  I hope that fans of the game will find this fascinating, and perhaps delve more deeply into the book; and that scholars and devotees of the book might appreciate the insights that spring from fresh imagery—they may even enjoy the game!


With respect and appreciation for both,

let us begin an exploration…


End of Excerpt:

see pdf version at top of this page for the full text.


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Websites on the visible light spectrum:




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